Division Order Automation

Reduce the time you spend processing Division Orders while eliminating mistakes and reducing inbound calls from investors through automation.

Save Time, Avoid Errors and Delight Your Investors

Automate your paper-based Division Order process.

Being a Division Order Analyst in today’s market is tough. Plowing through stacks of Division Order changes into the wee hours the night before a revenue distribution isn’t fun. If your team makes a mistake updating a DOI, you get to take in-bound calls from angry investors, which often are escalated to the boss. You then get to fix the errors, spend even time adjusting entries, and update tax filings.



The Only Full Cycle Solution

WolfePak’s Division Order solution automates the receipt, processing, approval, and management of division orders, all through an easy to implement and use web-based interface. 

Our solution is fully integrated with WolfePak Oil & Gas Accounting system, eliminating the manual data entry of DO information into your accounting system and avoiding associated errors.


  • Automate data entry of Division Order information into your Oil & Gas accounting system
  • Avoid data entry mistakes and maintain accurate and consistent records of changes in ownership, interest percentage, or owner details for your entire organization.
  • Reduce the time you spend preparing for disbursement deadlines.
  • Automate and enforce your Division Order review and approval processes
  • Respond faster to inquiries from your management and investors by quickly searching and retrieving Division Orders from your on-line database.



Provide your management with better visibility by quickly reporting on back-log, missing documentation, and processing times.

  • One integrated platform for entire DO lifecycle
  • Perform standard keyword based search queries
  • Know status of all divisions orders – sent, outstanding, received or processed
  • Identify choke points in process with comprehensive productivity reporting
  • Identify documentation issues upon intake of the DO letter

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