One System to Manage Your Operations

Oil and Gas Software that scales for growth 

If you’re an oil & gas operator, you want integrated accounting, revenue and billing functions, as well as regulatory reporting.  If you’re currently using other accounting software or multiple software applications to handle your needs, then you’re probably ready for ease of use, efficiency, scalability and customized reporting.

The WolfePak software package for operators comes with core functionality to support rapid growth. You can customize the operator package for your needs, with user-based pricing that lets you manage a startup with the same control and functionality larger operations use to manage thousands of wells.

Let WolfePak simplify the complexity of oil and gas accounting & operations by streamlining your process for Division Orders, billing, AFEs  and revenue distribution.

Features Include:

Escheat tracking, internal reports and compliance reporting for all 50 states

Division Order Letters - one letter for one owner, regardless of number of properties

Ability to drill-down to granular details, all the way to the well-level 

Full oil and gas accounting system that automates AFE cash calls, billing, revenue disbursement, financial reporting and more

See Division Order Process Video: