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New Resources: Adapting to COVID-19 & Market Volatility

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New Resources

Adapting to COVID-19 & Market Volatility

WolfePak encourages customers to move to efficient, electronic transactions. 
That's why WolfePak is making the GL/ACH Module free for everyone.

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An Open Letter From WolfePak CEO, Brent Rhymes

bjr_picAs you know, we’re experiencing historic times in the oil and gas industry. We’re faced with a record decline in demand and a record oversupply of oil from foreign suppliers. If that wasn’t enough, most of us have had to reorganize our companies to work remote, thanks to the COVID-19. While we don’t have a crystal ball, we do know that oil will come back eventually. Though tumultuous, this industry is resilient.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced almost all of us to embrace working at home. While remote work has grown in popularity in the past few years, many were unprepared for the shift to support a 100% remote workforce – least of all how quickly it happened as a result of the coronavirus.

We’ve all made the transition and have traded in our watercooler chats for virtual meetups. We’re learning new ways to communicate and evolving processes for the current environment.

Our team at WolfePak Software is here for you. We’re helping our customers digitize their on-premises workflows if they weren’t online previously, and doing it in a safe and secure manner.

While WolfePak’s physical office locations are remote now, we are dedicated to continuing to provide the personalized and proactive support you have come to expect. Your dedicated support team is available for all your business needs – no matter how big or small the ask.

On this page you’ll find resources we’ve created and curated to help your company make the best of working remotely and help manage your oilfield data collection, production, land management and reporting.

Got any tips or want to contribute? We’d love to hear your thoughts. Send me a note and we’ll get back to you. We’re in this together!

Brent Rhymes, CEO WolfePak Software

Free GL/ACH Module Offer 

Helping Customers Gain Maximum Efficiency

We’ve heard from our customers that access to critical functions like accounts payable, payment management and important paper documentation has been challenging to manage from a distance.

We have been helping some of you improve these critical business processes but we need and want to do more. SO - We are offering the WolfePak GL/ACH module at no cost to all our customers.

Moving to Electronic Transactions

We realize that there are some steps involved for every customer that wants and needs to move outbound payments to an electronic process. We've outlined these steps in some quick, how-to guides for:

To learn more about the GL/ACH module and other options, just fill out this form.


Best Practices

How to Manage Your Financials & Month-End with a Remote Team

How-To Guides

Guides on how to prepare for receiving and accepting electronic transactions


Short explainer videos on options available through WolfePak

Blog Posts

Featured blog posts regarding availability, security and tracking COVID-19 tax credits

Best Practices

Tackling the challenges of remote accounting

Oil and gas personnel are all too familiar with the complexities surrounding the processing of standard transactions.

Add on top of that the abrupt shift to a remote work environment which only highlights the choke point of relying on physical, paper-based checks, documents, invoices and more.

In fact, 55% of our survey respondents cited this as their number one challenge while working remote.

Download this practical guide to help address some of those challenges:



How-To Guides

Click on the guides below to learn more about steps to take for electronic payments and invoices: 

how to ach
how to send inv
how to rec inv



Check out these videos to learn more about what offerings WolfePak has available to help you:

GL/ACH Overview:


Webinar: Remote Work Options



Remote Document Management:

DocVue Cloud Introductory Video


Blog Posts

Latest posts from the WolfePak Blog:

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